Life-Changing Kitchen Tip: Magically Shredding Chicken


Today a quick tip that will change your life. Well, it will change your life if you actually eat chicken and ever have a need to shred it!

This is not my tip, just one I picked up by word-of-mouth at some point. And it’s AWESOME. My aunt calls me a few times a year just to thank me again for sharing it with her.

easy way to shred kitchen with your kitchenaid

Need to shred chicken? Have a stand mixer? You’re all set!

Just toss your cooked chicken breasts into the bowl, throw on the paddle attachment, turn the mixer on medium to medium-high and let it shred! You may be thinking, “Cleaning two forks is easier than cleaning a mixer bowl and paddle.” But let me counter with this! The time and effort you save shredding the chicken will far outweigh any bowl washing time!

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