Orange Scented Lorax Pancakes!


Lorax Pancakes via

How do we celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday? With pancakes of course! We are big fans of The Lorax so decided to make our most recent stack Lorax-inspired. How did we we do this? By flavoring them with a fresh orange, tinting them an orangey hue and decorating them with sprinkles as colorful as a truffala tree. For my preschooler this was just the perfect way to pay tribute to one of her favorite books and authors. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Lorax Pancakes

1 batch favorite pancake mix

Zest of one large orange

Orange food paste

Multi colored sprinkles

1. Prepare the pancake mix according to directions, Stir in the orange zest. Once it is smooth add the orange gel paste and stir until it is tinted orange. Then, prepare the pancakes according to directions.

2. Serve the stack of pancakes piping hot with a drizzle of maple syrup and colorful sprinkles!

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