26 Creative Ways to Make Classic Smores


  • 26 Creative Ways to Make Classic Smores 1 of 27
    S'mores pie, s'mores brownies, and more!
  • Easy No-bake Smore Crunch Bars 2 of 27
    These mouthwatering bars are the perfect no-bake treat to make in the summer when you don't want your oven to heat up the kitchen.
    Make easy no-bake s'more crunch bars
  • Mexican Smores 3 of 27
    This recipe combines Arcoiris marshmallow cookies and Mexican chocolate that makes for traditional s'mores — with a kick!
    Make Mexican s'mores
  • Smores Hot Fudge Sundae 4 of 27
    Pour this gooey chocolate marshmallow sauce on ice cream, top your creation with graham cracker crumbs, and dig in!
    Make s'mores hot fudge sundaes
  • S’mores Smoothie 5 of 27
    S'mores Smoothie
    Yes, you read that correctly. We've created s'mores in drinkable form. All you need is a blender!
    Make a s'mores smoothie
  • Cool Whip S’mores 6 of 27
    If it's just too hot for a melted marshmallow, sub in some Cool Whip for a treat that'll cool you down when the temps spike.
    Make Cool Whip s'mores
  • Lego S’mores 7 of 27
    Who said you shouldn't play with your food? Get creative with these Lego-shaped s'mores: stack 'em, melt ‘em, then eat 'em!
    Make Lego s'mores
  • Cool Whip S’mores Fondue 8 of 27
    Bring the campfire indoors with this easy fondue recipe. Just think of them as dippable s'mores!
    Make Cool Whip s'mores fondue
  • S’mores Waffles 9 of 27
    S'mores Waffles
    Swap a couple of toasted waffles in for graham crackers and you've got an excuse to eat s'mores for breakfast!
    Make s'more waffles
  • S’mores Cupcakes 10 of 27
    S'mores Cupcakes
    The thing that takes these chocolate chip-studded graham cracker cupcakes to the next level is the toasted-marshmallow topping. No need to worry about frosting melting in the summer heat!
    Make s'’mores cupcakes
  • Baked S’mores Bites 11 of 27
    Baked Smores Bites
    Melted to perfection in a toaster oven, these fun-size s’'mores give you a bite of decadence without the guilt.
    Make baked s'mores bites
  • S’mores Granola Bars 12 of 27
    Smores Granola Bars
    Pack these granola bars for a summer vacation road trip to keep your kids happy (and quiet!).
    Make s'mores granola bars
  • S’mores Brownies 13 of 27
    S'mores Brownies
    Toss graham crackers and toasted marshmallows into classic brownie batter for an ooey-gooey treat that'’s anything but ordinary.
    Make s’'mores brownies
  • S’mores Pie 14 of 27
    Smores Pie
    Filled with chocolate pudding and topped with giant marshmallows, this insanely good pie brings s'mores out of the campfire and into your oven!
    Make s’'mores pie
  • Gooey Chocolate S’mores Pie 15 of 27
    Gooey Chocolate Smores Pie
    Here’'s another way to transform the goodness of s'mores into pie form. The whipped marshmallow filling in this delightfully sticky dessert will have your kids begging for, well, s’'more!
    Make chocolate s'mores pie
  • The S’mores Blizzard 16 of 27
    The Smores Blizzard
    Who says s'’mores have to be hot and melty? Cool off on sticky summer nights by making this famous Dairy Queen blizzard copycat at home.
    Make a s’'mores blizzard
  • Mango Whoopie Pie S’mores 17 of 27
    Mango Whoopie Pie S'Mores
    A fruity whoopie pie morphs brilliantly with s'’mores for a sinfully good dessert. Feeling’ extra devilish? Drizzle with caramel sauce before digging in.
    Make mango whoopie pie s'mores
  • Nutella S’mores 18 of 27
    Nutella Smores
    No need for a campfire here; simply melt a marshmallow in the microwave and sandwich it between Nutella and graham crackers for an extra-special treat.
    Make Nutella s'’mores
  • S’Â’mores Ý  la Carte 19 of 27
    Smores  la Carte
    Please even a pack of picky eaters with a s’'mores buffet! Include a bunch of different fillings (the s'’more options, the better!), and let everyone get a little crazy with their creations.
    Make s'’mores à la carte
  • Digestive Cookie Oven S’mores 20 of 27
    Digestive Cookie Oven Smores
    If graham crackers aren’t fancy enough for you, choose a cookie you love to star in your s’'mores, like these tea party-ready digestives.
    Make digestive cookie oven s'mores
  • Peeps S’mores 21 of 27
    Peeps Smores
    Everyone's favorite marshmallow bunnies take the place of plain ol' marshmallows in these s'mores. Turn the treats into lollipops by sticking the Peeps on a stick!
    Make Peeps s’'mores
  • Russell Stover Candies S’mores 22 of 27
    Russell Stover Candies Smores
    Kill two birds with one stone with Russell Stover chocolate-covered marshmallows. Just add two graham crackers and you’'re good to go!
    Make Russell Stover s’'mores
  • S’mores Thumbprints 23 of 27
    S'mores Thumbprints
    No need to go camping when you can skip to the good part at home with these easy (and super-cute!) s'mores cookies.
    Make s'mores thumbprints
  • White Chocolate/Cookies n Cream S’mores 24 of 27
    White Chocolate/Cookies n Cream Smores
    Swap white chocolate — or a cookies ‘n’ cream bar — instead of milk chocolate for a simple yet surprising twist to your everyday s'’mores.
    Make white chocolate/cookies n cream s'’mores
  • Chocolate S’more Cupcakes 25 of 27
    Chocolate S'more Cupcakes
    Celebrate a special milestone by putting a tasty s'mores twist on your ordinary out-of-the-box cupcakes.
    Make chocolate s'more cupcakes
  • No-bake S’more Nutella Crunch Bars 26 of 27
    No-Bake S'more Nutella Crunch Bars
    These candy bar-esque treats come together in just two oven or campfire required!
    Make no-bake s'more Nutella crunch bars
  • S’mores on a Stick 27 of 27
    S'mores on a Stick
    Already feel like you're roasting? This treat will give you all the flavors you love in a traditional s'more without the heat from a campfire.
    Make s'mores on a stick