Marcia Cross and Mott's Campaign for Healthier Kids with KaBOOM!


On Friday, July 9th I had the chance to speak to Marcia Cross about her involvement with Mott’s and their partnership with KaBOOM! Together they were building a playground for the LeRoy Haynes Center in La Verne, California to give children with learning disabilities, special emotional needs and those on the autism spectrum from the campus a much-needed area to play and run.

Ms. Cross shared a statistic that 60% of all kids and 70% of inner-city kids don’t have access to a playground, which is why Mott’s and KaBOOM! have joined forces to promote healthy living and a healthy lifestyle as one that includes both a varied diet with fruits and vegetables and one that involves getting out of the house and getting some physical activity in.

I know in my home, even with our backyard, my kids still love to take a walk to the playground and spend time running around and climbing. It’s something we take for granted, but so many children simply don’t have access to that equipment and are limited by the areas where they can go to play.

As a mother herself, Marcia Cross knows how important it is to fit both good nutrition and activity into each and every day for your kids. I asked her how she finds the time to juggle and balance motherhood and a demanding career and was refreshed by her honesty at how hard it is. She let me know that if she’s had to spend some time focused on work, she’s sure to drop everything she’s doing and devote full days to the girls and making sure they have face time.

Still, she never feels completely at ease, which is something that most mothers struggle with to balance, and her partnership with Mott’s and Mott’s Medleys can help with at least the nutrition portion of raising kids. Obviously whole fruits and vegetables are always best, but we all know that sometimes kids just plain refuse to eat anything resembling produce. With two servings and fruit and vegetables in every 8 ounces, this is perfect for those days when getting real, whole foods into your child has been a struggle so that you can go to bed with one less thing on your mind.