Meatless March Madness: Tacos de Papa


The NCAA Basketball Tournament, otherwise known as March Madness, kicks off this week. And if your house is anything like mine, the Big Dance can mean an influx of big appetites gathered in front of your television. When I’ve got to entertain a hungry crowd in a hurry, I make a batch of Tacos de Papa, or Potato Tacos. You heard me. Potato Tacos.

Tacos de Papa are a traditional Mexican favorite growing in popularity almost as fast as the Fish Taco. Substantial and savory, Potato Tacos are an exciting meatless option that even my die-hard carnivorous friends fervently request.

When conversation around your house turns to Cinderella stories and Bracketology takes priority over Tax Returns, it can only mean that March Madness has arrived. So why not make it a Meatless March Madness?

I hope you’ll watch my video TACO PARTY and give these meatless tacos a try!

Get the Tacos de Papa Recipe as seen in the video.

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