My Fall-Back Four: Storebought Saviors That Help Solve Dinner


Maya Kaimal’s Curry Line (any of them) When you have one of these little containers of curry (Tamarind Curry is my fave) in the fridge, all you need is chicken or chickpeas for an easy healthy meal. You can find them at Whole Foods.

Naked Nuggets — I’ve written about them here before when I discovered them back in March, and in the months since they’ve become a hotly requested item from the kids. They are unbreaded, healthy, gluten-free. You prepare them by sautéing them in oil for five minutes. So much more satisfying psychologically to saute rather than press a button on a microwave or turn a dial.

Trader Joe’s Frozen Pizzas If you’ve been paying attention, you know I have a love affair with them. Or maybe I just have a love affair with them because my kids do (hard to tell the difference anymore). It’s so nice to have one meal in my back pocket (aka freezer) that results in not a single “one more bite please” request from mom or dad.

Black Bean Soup How great that you can have a healthy dinner you can feel good about with no effort. Well, that’s not true. You’ll have to open the container, pour the soup into a pan, and turn on the heat. And of course, serve with sour cream and chips.

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