My Favorite Chili Recipe


As soon as September hits, everyone is in the mood for chili right? It’s just something about the oncoming of fall that puts you in the mood for comfort food, chili being very high on the list of favorite comfort foods.

I personally love chili. I love how versatile it can be, but also how dependable it can be once you learn how to make it to your liking. A good chili recipe can feed a group that’s over your house watching the game…or feed your family creatively for days (think chili mac and chili dogs). The best part about chili is how it gets better and better as the flavors sit, so leftover chili is definitely a good thing to have in your fridge.

I created this chili recipe 2 years ago and have been making it regularly ever since. I’m not one to stick with one recipe when it comes to chili but something about this one is really right. Maybe it has to do with the dried chiles, chocolate and beer that go into it? Yep…ya heard right…dried chiles, chocolate and beer.

That’s some good chili.

Head over to Aggie’s Kitchen for my favorite chili recipe. Enjoy!

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