My Inability to Make Pumpkin Faces


pumpkin facesI was never a pumpkin carving pro. When I was growing up, I refused to let anyone tell me how to carve my pumpkin — I wanted to make my own pumpkin face creations! No matter how messed up my pumpkin’s face was after carving, when that candle went in and I saw it all lit up, I was proud. Now that I’m older, I care more about how creative and artistic looking my pumpkin faces look. I like to show them off for friends and family. Though my art skills haven’t gotten much better since I was a kid, I have a secret weapon: pumpkin and jack-o-lantern stencils. Sure, I may tell my guests that my pumpkin patterns are all my own, but I know the truth.  Here are the stencils I recommend if you want the best pumpkin face:

Earlier this month, Brooke found some amazing pumpkin carving stencils and patterns online — you can check them out here: “Pumpkin Carving: The Best Free Stencils on the Web” — that worked really well for me.

Now, for a disclaimer: Using stencils does not guarantee a perfect pumpkin face. Just remember, the point of pumpkin carving is to have fun. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes with your jack-o-lantern patterns. You might actually create a cooler (or creepier) pumpkin face than you expected (like I always do). There are so many pumpkin patterns out there to try, so have fun!

Marisa DeSisto

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