New Children’s Vegan Book with Graphic Illustrations Has Sparked Much Controversy


A new book by Ruby Roth entitled Vegan is Love has been sparking a bit of controversy lately. The book, although I have not read it yet, portrays animals cute and hugging as shown on the cover here, but also portrays dead animals strung up and bleeding. Ruby Roth was featured on the Today Show this morning promoting her book. Since her book is targeting vegan parents, I doubt there would be an issue for most parents. However Matt Lauer brought up the point in his interview with Ruby that if you are saying Vegan is Love, aren’t you also insinuating that meat is hate? He went on to ask how that would affect the child’s young relationships with others. Would a young child think their teachers and classmates were cruel murderers? And furthermore could a strict diet as a young child lead to eating disorders when they grow into young adults?

What are your thoughts?

To learn more about Ruby’s new book, see the trailer below:




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