New Zodiac Sign Dates: The Best Food for the Stars


chicken and stars soupAs we told you earlier today, there are foods for all of the signs. Now I am going to tell you about food that universally good for all of the signs. That’s right, star, moon and sun shaped foods. Food that is nourishing, delicious and can easily be made in your own home kitchen. When you think about it, there are lots of foods that can be made to look like the sun, moon and stars. And, whether we intended to or not, we’ve posted quite of few of those recipes right here on The Family Kitchen. Here is our best picks for food for the stars:

The Best Food for the Stars

1) Chicken & Stars Soup

2) Movie Star Marshmallows

3) Sweet Sun-Tea

4) Nutella Graham Cracker Whoopie Pies like a Full Moon

5) Black Bottomed Cookie Ice-Cream Freezer Pie

Photo: Brooke McLay