Nine Traditional Recipes for a Latin Christmas


The foods of Christmas are celebrated around the world, and are considered a serious treat. I brought together 9 of my favorite Latina Bloggers to give you a glimpse of what their Christmas looks like. A feast for the eyes and stomach. Explore the Latin traditions and make a few a new tradition in your home. Merry Christmas!

  • Buñuelos 1 of 9
    Traditional Mexican buñuelos are a crunchy, crispy dessert snack, Mexican fritters, if you will. They can be enjoyed either sprinkled in sugar and cinnamon or glazed in a syrup sauce. For the recipe visit Presley's Pantry
    Photo credit: Nicole Presley
    This Mexican holiday punch will be sure to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling. Made with Guayabas, Orange, Cinnamon sticks, sugar cane, and dried plums. For the recipe visit The Other Side of the Tortilla
    Photo credit: Maura Hernandez
  • Tamales 3 of 9
    It just wouldn't be Christmas without Tamales. For the recipe visit La Cocina de Leslie
    Photo credit: Leslie Harris de Limon
  • Champurrado 4 of 9
    This warm chocolate masa drink is an old standard in Mexico. Champurrado is customarily prepared in the winter around the holidays. For the recipe visit Nibbles & Feasts
    Photo credit: Ericka Sanchez
  • Gluten-Free Mexican Wedding Cakes 5 of 9
    Gluten-Free Mexican Wedding Cakes
    These are not traditional Mexican Wedding Cakes, but they are delightful just the same. For the recipe visit Moms LA
    Photo credit: Yvonne Condes
  • Christmas Cookies 6 of 9
    Christmas Cookies
    These cute cookies are made by a woman who lives in Peru, but was born in Germany. For the recipe visit Peru Delights
    Photo credit: Morena Escardo
  • Christmas Eve Salad 7 of 9
    Christmas Eve Salad
    This salad is served on Christmas Eve, and is brimming with the colors of Christmas. Read more at Sweet Life
    Photo credit: Vianney Rodriguez
  • Ponche Crema – Venezuelan Egg Nog 8 of 9
    Ponche Crema - Venezuelan Egg Nog
    Try this delicious Venezuelan Egg nog over ice or as the topper to your coffee cup. For the recipe visit Mami Talks
    Photo credit: Dariela Cruz
  • Biscochos 9 of 9
    This is one of the oldest recipes for Mexican wedding cookies. For the recipe visit Muy Bueno Cookbook
    Photo credit: Jeanine Thurston


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