Non-Alcoholic Cranberry Cocktail for the Holidays


It can be hard to not drink during the holidays. All around us, people are partaking of bubbly champagne, glasses of wine, spiked cider, and egg nog with rum. It’s clear that these celebratory beverages help people survive the holidays!

But not everyone drinks. Pregnant women, people on medication, those who have sworn off alcohol — those folks deserve something sparkling and bubbly too.

Why not try a cranberry cocktail? Tart and mouth-puckering, with a hit of sweetness at the end to save it from being sour, homemade cranberry cocktail is something special. Jazz it up with sparkling water if you want something fizzy.

And if you are drinking, no reason you couldn’t try this too. Just hit it with a bit of vodka.

Enjoy your drinks, alcoholic or not.

For an easy, delicious cranberry cocktail, come on over to Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef.

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