Non-Dairy "Cheese" Popcorn for National Popcorn Day


bowl of popcorn photoWho knew I was so into National Popcorn Day?! Earlier I posted a recipe for homemade Cracker Jacks (very similar to homemade Poppycock the way I make it), and now I have more! My enthusiasm for the, ahem, holiday is surprising even for me.

This time I thought I’d give you a healthier option and share a serious popcorn secret: how to make non-dairy “cheese” popcorn.


Want to know the magic ingredient?

Nutritional yeast! Sounds, uh, tasty, right?

All right. I understand if you’re questioning right now, but don’t give up on me. Nutritional yeast, much like its cousin Brewer’s Yeast, is a deactivated form of yeast often used as a condiment and found in health food stores.

Though the name sounds unappealing, I promise you that this stuff is tasty. It has a creamy texture and a flavor much like mild cheese, making this a favorite with vegans.

And me. At least on my popcorn.

Go ahead and give a try! Non-Dairy “Cheesy” Popcorn with Nutritional Yeast

Photo: iStockPhoto/plattmunk