Novak Djokovic: Was a Gluten-Free Diet the Secret to His Wimbledon Win?


Novak Djokovic is the new Wimbledon champion as well as the world number 1, and many are wondering, does he owe it to a gluten-free diet? Long know to suffer form allergies and sniffles on court, he was diagnosed with the gluten allergy last year. Since swearing off gluten altogether he has lost a few pounds, and gained impressive stamina and power on court. But the real advantage may be the mental clarity that many believe comes with a gluten free diet. Whether the change is due to physical improvements brought on by the popular diet, or a boost in confidence and belief that he has improved, Djokovic’s dominance is clear.

So, does Djokovic’s success have you wondering about the benefits of gluten-free living? We’ve got some basics, along with recipe ideas after the jump.

The Basics:

Foods to avoid: wheat in all forms, barley, malt, rye, breaded foods, licorice, imitation crab meat, and beer.

Check for gluten-free labels on: food starch, flavorings, oats, dextrin, processed cheeses, seasonings, and soy sauce.

Satisfying Gluten-Free Recipe Ideas:

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