Nutmeg High: Lock Up Your Spice Cabinet


New reports everywhere have been covering the new way for kids to get high…in the spice cabinet. That’s right. Kids have been swiping nutmeg from the spice cabinets and consuming it in large amounts to get mild hallucinogenic affects…and an upset stomach.

So the spice that’s in your au gratin potatoes and your favorite holiday cakes might also be sprinkled and rolled on paper to be smoked. While nutmeg cigarettes and consumption isn’t illegal, authorities worry what it could lead to if left unchecked.

This health site says nutmeg has hallucinogenic properties, and lists medicinal properties as sedative, stimulant, relaxant and an anti-inflammatory, among others. Something to think about as you spice up those holiday dishes and treats this season.

And don’t miss the Whole Foods ground nutmeg recall potentially contaminated with salmonella.

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