One Big, Delicious, Breakfast "Mess"


Last weekend, a few friends and families went camping in my neighbor’s backyard. It was the perfect night for it — the low was 70 degrees — and the perfect backyard for it — trampolines, swings, soccer nets, every kind of sports equipment imaginable at the kids’ (and adults’) disposal. But, bien sur, the highlight was our campfire breakfast the next morning. (Well actually, it was supposed to be a campfire breakfast, but technically ended up being a Viking stovetop breakfast.)

My friend Todd was the mastermind behind the meal and called it a “big mess” of sausage, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, and bacon in one of our many menu-planning emails leading up to the event. This is it right there and it is as easy to make as it sounds.

Start with an large skillet set over medium heat. Fry bacon and sweet Italian sausages, sliced on the bias. Once they are cooked, you can drain out some of the fat, but Todd didn’t. Then he added some thinly sliced new potatoes (fingerling also work) and let them cook for about 5 minutes. Next, the tomatoes, another 5 minutes. Lastly, the eggs. He cracked them right into the pan (turn up the heat a bit if you are on the stove) and let them sizzle away sunny-side up. Since we were outside, he put the whole skillet right on the picnic table and let the campers help themselves.

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