Organic Baby Food for Babys First Thanksgiving


I remember my children’s first Thanksgivings and how excited I was to give them their first Thanksgiving dinner however, both of them were too small to chew.  Since they couldn’t chew their own mini-servings of the food, we pureed it into homemade baby food however, I wish there were organic versions already prepared for the day.

Now there is a line of organic baby food with Thanksgiving in mind….

Happy Baby is a line of nutritious junior versions of all the traditional Thanksgiving favorites that are convenient and portable. They are packaged in a portable package that is BPA free. I have been reading the ingredients and first of all, they are minimally processed and contain only real food.

For example: HappyBaby Gobble Gobble Ingredients:
water necessary for cooking, organic sweet potato, organic potato, organic turkey, organic squash, organic millet, organic apple, Salba, organic garlic, organic oregano
Happy Baby has the following Thanksgiving themed offerings:
Turkey: Organic Gobble Gobble Pouches made with organic turkey, vegetables and millet

Sweet Potatoes: Organic Apricot and Sweet Potato

A Side of Veggies:  Organic Greens made with whole grains, spinach, collard greens and kale

Apple Pie: Organic Apple & Cherry

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