Oscar Nominations Announced, Party Planning Begins! Tips for Entertaining with Kids


oscars cocktail party The Oscars nominations have been announced, the excitement and party planning begins! Everyone loves a good Academy Awards soiree but, hosting one is a different story. At least for us parents. We’re talking Sunday night, folks. (Do you even go out on Sunday nights anymore?!) I get that the idea of hosting a cocktail party to watch an awards show might seem like too much, especially on Sunday night, but I say it’s time for us to rally and have some fun. It’s glamour. It’s the Academy Awards. We can do this! It just takes some strategic planning and there’s still plenty of time.

Whenever I want to host a party but start to feel overwhelmed, I go to these 3 Questions to Choose the Perfect Party Eats. These tips are designed to help parents (specifically!) plan a perfect and EASY party. You can prep, get the kids to bed, enjoy your friends and the show, and still be ready to go early Monday Morning.

We may not be like Angelina and Brad, with a whole staff to cook, clean and help us get the kids to bed, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over for us. Start coming up with ideas now, use my 3 questions to help make sure you’re on the right track and pick out a party dress. We’re going to have some fun the evening of February 27th. Take that Sunday night!

3 Questions to Choose the Perfect Party Eats