Oscar Nominations: Who's In, Who's Out and Delicious Predictions for Oscar 2011


oreo parfaitsThe Oscar nominations were announced this morning and the world is abuzz with predictions as to who will win. I know I’ll be watching the Oscars with baited breath just like everyone else. Will Natalie win? Colin? Geoffrey? The excitement is building and I can hardly wait to see the final results. I’ve seen a few of the Oscar nominated movies this year and have some delicious predictions to make. I am also pairing my predictions with food because that is what I do. I mean, Natalie, The Black Swan, deserves a black and white pudding parfait for her performance, don’t you think? Here are my predictions, with food pairings, for Oscar 2011:

1. Best Actress: Natalie Portman

Food Pairing: Oreo Cookie Parfaits

2. Best Actor: Colin Firth

Food Pairing: English Scones

3. Best Supporting Actor: Geoffrey Rush

Food Pairing: Vegemite Gelato (he played an Australian in the movie)

4. Best Supporting Actress: Amy Adams

Food Pairing: Boston Baked Beans!

Photo: Sophistimom