Our 2011 Oscar Prediction? Your Guests Will Love These Appetizers!


artichoke-dipWith the 83rd Academy Awards taking place in Hollywood this Sunday, everybody is trying to get their Oscar predictions for 2011 in place before they head off to gamble away their life savings at their Oscar parties. Making Oscar predictions can be tricky. Sometimes it seems like there’s not much rhyme or reason to the Academy’s picks. But here’s one Oscar prediction that’s a sure bet–your guests will love these Oscar party appetizers.

Artichoke chevre dip
A no-cook dip with grown-up flavor.

Chocolate sandwiches
Simple, sophisticated, and delicious.

bread and chocolate

Real onion dip
Rich and creamy, with real onion flavor.

caramelized onion dip

Easy dried cherry and vanilla scones
In case you’re rooting for The King’s Speech. For appetizer portions, divide each triangle-shaped scone in half.

vanilla scone

Crostini with grape salsa
Vivid color and bold flavor make this recipe a party favorite.

grape salsa

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