Pac Man Cookies with Space Invader Gummies


Pac Man Cookies

Inspiration (or craziness) comes from the strangest of places. Last week I was listening to the radio while the DJ played a string of 80’s hits. Between “Holiday” and “Her Name is Rio” he talked about everyone’s favorite game of the decade: Pac-Man. It was just a weird coincidence that that very same day I had a batch of half used cookie dough I had to use up. How do these two random things relate? Pac-Man Cookies. Yes, I actually did it. I used my favorite cut-out sugar cookie recipe, whipped up a batch of yellow buttercream and made Pac-Man Cookies.

Of course, Pac-Man cookies would not be complete without Space Invaders so I picked out a bag of my daughter’s fruit snacks and cut them into space invader figures. When I showed this motif to my husband he just about died laughing. My daughter didn’t get it at ALL. I know she barely knows her colors but it still made me feel old that she didn’t recognize good old Pac-Man. She picked out my Angry Birds pancake in a split second.

Here is the way you can make up your very own Pac-Man motif and enjoy some good old video game fun:

1 batch Classic Rolled Sugar Cookies

1 batch cream cheese frosting, tinted yellow

Gummies cut into Space Invader shapes!

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