Party Ideas and Tips with 'Plan to Party'


The Holiday Season is exactly when many of us host parties and wish we had a party planner on our payroll. Well, lucky for us we have ‘Party BluPrints’ to help with event planning, party recipes and party ideas.

The lovely ladies from this popular site have now published a book titled  ‘Plan to Party’ based on their experience in the party planning business. The knowledge they share in this book will help you with all of your party planning….

‘Plan to Party’ creates the framework for memorable entertaining in your home from start to finish. Included are mouth-watering recipes, extensive checklists, and true-to-life time lines for even the least experienced host, as well as ideas, tips and tricks to save you time and money.

Trust me when I say this book will make your parties memorable and will simplfy the party planning process for you. The blog ( and book contain a wealth of knowledge about parties that will not only wow your guests but avoid breaking even the most modest budget. Some of the themes in the book include Wine Country Crush to a Chocolate Soiree. 

The contents of the book include: How To Plan, Defining Your Entertaining Style and Time, Money and Stress Management, and Essential Checklists.

Both Dawn and Elizabeth (the founders of Party BluPrints and authors of the book) have shared the recipe for their delicious and easy top prepare Seafood (Shrimp & Scallop) and Arugula Salad.

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