Patriotic Chocolate Toffee Flag Bark That is Perfect for Making with Kids


Flag Bark

I love making small batches of chocolate bark with my daughter. It is so quick and easy to do and she has a blast making different designs with the candy. These flags came about over Memorial Day weekend. We were making them with the chocolate candies we had on hand while I taught her about the American flag. We wrapped each flag up in wax paper and gave them to our neighbors and friends. The sentiment was fun and heartfelt, reminding us why we celebrate these important holidays.

Patriotic Flag Bark

8 ounces milk or dark chocolate, melted in the microwave

1/2 cup toffee bits

Red White & Blue Candies

1. Stir the toffee bits into the melted chocolate and spread the mixture onto a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil. Use a knife to mark the borders of your flags and dot the candies into the chocolate to look like the red and white strips and blue and white stars. Chill the bark in the freezer for a few hours, or until solid. Break the flags at the borders, or cut them with a sharp knife. Serve.