Peach Tart with Olive Oil Crust


I’m loaded down with peaches from the Okanagan – a good problem to have at this time of year – but have yet to make a peach pie. Amanda from Food 52 inspired me with this simple tart, requiring no more than a knife, a bowl, and some kind of pan. (Tart pan not necessary! She’s even made it on a baking sheet with one side shored up with aluminum foil.) Now that’s a low-maintenance tart – perfect for late summer suppers.

The dough itself doesn’t contain any butter, lard or shortening – it’s made with heart-healthy olive oil and is pressed into the pan rather than rolled out. I love press-in crusts – there’s no pressure to roll out the dough, no floury countertop, no transferring the crust into the pan without tearing. The dough is then topped with wedges of fresh peach (in their skins! no need to peel!) and showered with crumble before going into the oven. This could be the simplest, healthiest peach pie ever.

Get the recipe over at Food52!

Photo by James Ransom