Peanut Butter Cup Caramel Apples

peanut butter cup apples
peanut butter cup caramel apples

Still weighed down with some leftover chocolate candy from Halloween? Use it to make my Vegan Peanut Butter Cup Caramel Apples. Simply dip your favorite healthy fall apple in my special, homemade vegan peanut butter caramel sauce and then add some chopped up chocolate candy you may have on hand. I used my leftover vegan walnut maple cups and vegan peanut butter cups. Get my recipe and more photos ahead..

Peanut Butter Cup Caramel Apples
vegan, makes about 4 apples

1/2 cup chopped chocolate candy (any vegan varieties work)
2 Tbsp peanut butter caramel per apple (recipe link below)
4 small apples
4 sticks

Get my Peanut Butter Caramel recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.

Banana Spin! You could sub in banana cubes for chocolate if you’d like a healthier treat!

Directions: Dip the apples in caramel. Then add chocolate and chill in the fridge until firmed up a bit. Enjoy on a stick or slice them up into caramel apple bites.

caramel apple setup
caramel apple setup
try banana bites on bottom too!
try banana bites on bottom too!

photo credit: Kathy Patalsky


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