Peeps in Disguise: Easter Bunny Peeps


To kids, the Easter Bunny is a pretty big deal. This Easter, decorate your table in a way they’ll love by dressing your Peeps up and making this fun, easy, and adorable Easter “Bunny” Centerpiece.

At only 79 cents a box, it’s easy to end up with more Marshmallow Peeps than you need. The number you need is not that high, no matter how many Easter recipes you’re planning to make with them. We found ourselves with a serious Peeps surplus this spring and we only knew one way to battle our way out of it–Peeps centerpiece.

Peeps lend themselves to centerpiece-making because they are pliable and easy to work with. Elizabeth once made a pretty impressive Peeps tower for a baby shower with Peeps and toothpicks. That’s a good project if you’re feeling ambitious, but these Easter Bunny Peeps are perfect if you just want something quick, easy, and cute for your Easter table. To make, cut tiny bunny ears out of chewing gum, with a sharp knife, make two small incisions in the of the peeps’ heads, and gently insert the ears. Nothing fancy, but still pretty fun.

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