Peeps in White Chocolate Nests: An Adorable Easter Treat


Most Easter candy is consumed in single-sitting gorgings, but every once in a while, you want to take something familiar and gussy it up and turn it into something special. I’ve long dreamed of somehow making a Cadbury Creme Egg Omelette, but I haven’t worked out the logistics of it yet. This year, we made something even better–marshmallow Peeps in white chocolate nests. They’re adorable, delicious and simple to make.

You already know that Peeps are wonderful and addictive, but did you know that when you add white chocolate to them, they become three times as wonderful and addictive? It’s true. I just ate one so that I could write about them and the only thing that’s stopping me from getting up and having five more is that everyone in the family will be able to see me do it, and it’s almost dinner time. So, what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

Peeps in White Chocolate Nests

makes 20 chocolate-dipped Peeps

20 Peeps
6 tablespoons multi-colored sprinkles
1 bar Ghirardelli white chocolate

Carefully separate the peeps and set aside. In a double boiler break up the chocolate and stir over medium-low heat. When the chocolate is smooth and melted, carefully dip each Peep, sprinkle with sprinkles, and set on a wax paper-coated tray to dry. The chocolate will stay soft at room temperature, if you need it to harden, set the peeps in the refrigerator for an hour.

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