Perennial Plate Visits New York Farms Hit by Hurricane Irene


If you haven’t been following along, there’s a blog/vlog based out of Minnesota called The Perennial Plate. Season 1 was based on real food just in Minnesota, and Season 2 has them traveling across the United States. While I’ve never met Daniel and Mirra in person, their story resonates with me, and I’ve been mildly obsessed with checking in for their newest episode and to read Mirra’s impression of what they’re doing and Daniel’s commentary as they make their way from place to place, from real food to real food.

Recently Daniel and Mirra stopped at a pair of New York State farms that were hit hard by Hurricane Irene. The flooding that happened as a result of the hurricane left the farms devastated, and really drove home how fragile this food world we live in is.

You can watch the video on Food52 of the NY farmers who lost everything, but be sure to check out the other episodes. The newest one with the Stoller family, a Mennonite family and their organic farm in Ohio, (video below) is one of my favorites of the moment, but they are all moving. Be sure to watch them hunt for morels in Washington, visit kids farming in Portland or go froggin’ in Arkansas. It’s a great series that shows how food culture is different across the country and what people out there are doing to sustain what we eat daily.

The Perennial Plate Episode 74: God’s Country from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

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