Perfect for Santa: Simple Snowman Donuts


Snowman Donuts

When I saw these the other day I couldn’t help my make them with my daughter. They are treat to be sure, but who can resist a mini-donut dressed up like a snowman? When we made these we decided that they are definitely the best treats to leave for Santa this year. I mean, we know Santa also loves his cookies, but we think these would be a nice break from the other houses!

Simple Snowman Donuts

Mini powdered donuts

Mini chocolate chips

Orange gumdrops or thin slices of orange peel cut into strips

To make your snowman: make the eyes and smiley face with the mini chocolate chips. Invert them so the tip of the chocolate chip is pressed and secured into the donut. Jam the gumdrop strip into the middle of the donut hole to serve as the nose!


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