Perfect Unsweetened Lemony Iced Tea


Lemon Iced Tea

I love to make iced tea in the summer. I keep it in the fridge and have it at the ready at all times. The other day I wanted an extra shot of lemon in my tea but I didn’t want to add loads of lemon slices. They get so soggy and fall apart after a day in the pitcher. Instead, I came up with a new way to make super simple lemony iced tea. The best part is that it doesn’t involve any sugar whatsoever. There is not an ounce of sweetener in it. It is just pure lemony tea all the way.

Lemony Ice Tea

makes 2 quarts

4 bags of black tea

2 bags of lemon zinger herbal tea

1. Clip the strings of the tea bags to the side of the ice tea pitcher. Pour in enough boiling water to fill the pitcher to the top. Let the tea steep for about 15 minutes. Then remove the tea bags and place the pitcher in the fridge.

2. Serve tea over ice with a slice of lemon!