Pi Day and Pie: Circumference Divided By Diameter Never Tasted So Good


classic apple pie for pi dayHave you heard? Today is Pi day and there’s no better way to celebrate, besides I guess doing some math, than eating some of your favorite pie. Pi, 3.14159265, is a mathematical constant that equals a circle’s circumference divided by it’s diameter. And since today is 3.14 it’s only logical that we’d celebrate! Before I hyperventilate over my lack of math skills let’s get to the important thing about pi–it’s a great reason to eat pie, which is, after all, circular and divided into fractions. 

My favorite pie is apple. I like mine with big slices of apples, plenty of salt, and hint of orange. This is my go-to recipe, and it makes a darn fine pie.

I also have a penchant for tiny pies, which could also be known as tarts. Here’s a recipe for easy pumpkin tarts–sugar and spice and everything nice.

pumpkin pie mini pie for pi day

If you still haven’t gotten your fix of little pies, I have this recipe for little pear pies–these are subtle with honey, star anise, and cloves. Yum!

Pear mini pie for pie day