Pizza That Won't Kill You

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Thumbs-up pizza!

So it’s fairly obvious to most of us that pizza is not exactly a dietetic food. But does it have to induce angioplasty? The Daily Beast just came out with an incredible feature story, “The 30 Deadliest Pizza Slices,” in which they rank “the fattiest, saltiest, most caloric slices in America.” Clicking through the slideshow is one of those train-wreck experiences; you can’t quite bring yourself to look away from all that dripping cheese. Back up a minute, I say. You know that old soul song that goes “if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right”? Well, that’s how I feel about pizza. So, I’m going to focus on pizza that won’t kill me. Click to find my favorite versions.

I like this pie made with fresh tomatoes, these mini ones with mushroom and spinach, a deep-dish Chicago-style version loaded up with veggies, and this super-creative pizza topped with grated zucchini.

And then there’s this nutella pizza topped with almonds, flax, and white chocolate, for dessert. That one may actually kill you, but not literally.

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