Play with Your Food #1: Checkerboard Blondies & Brownies



This summer my daughter got really into board games. We’ve been playing Candyland, Checkers, Snail’s Pace and a whole bunch of fun ones. When we were having a playdate recently I thought it would be fun to make some game themed food for her and her friends. I started off with these checkerboard blondies & brownies. They didn’t actually play with them, obviously, but they got a real kick out of the game theme. In fact, my husband liked it so much he jokingly asked me for a Trivial Pursuit pie. As you can guess, I fully embraced that challenge. Stay tuned tomorrow…

Checkboard Blondies & Brownies

1 batch classic brownies

1 batch classic blondies

Small circular shaped cookie cutters

Bake the brownies and blondies in separate pans that are exactly the same size. I used 7 x 11 baking pans, but use whatever you prefer. It is critical that you do this so the blondies and brownies are the same thickeness.

After they have cooled use a ruler to cut the pans into same-sized squares. Pull out the squares and use one of the pans to make the checkerboard. With the squares that have not be used cut circles out of them to be the checkers. Use the scraps to make a brownie parfait! Place the checkers on the square and enjoy!

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