Pop Rock Toast: Start Your Day Off with a Bang


Pop Pop Toast_edited-1

My kids are total cinnamon toast fans.  They beg for it at breakfast time and I must play the smart mom and tell them it’s not a proper breakfast.  Well, if cinnamon toast isn’t a proper breakfast, then hold onto your grapefruit spoons folks, because this fun and funky little creation of ours is about twelve times worse.  White bread, butter, and pop rocks.  But, darned if it isn’t pretty. And fun.  And pretty darned fun.

Pop toast isn’t a great breakfast, but it does make a fun afterschool snack from time to time.  The kids love it because it’s so easy to make.  They can rip open their packages of Pop Rocks and sprinkle it right on top of their toast.  It crackles and buzzes while they finish the task, then crunches under their teeth right along with the browned edges of the toast.

And yes, I know it sounds like a crazy combo.  But, I find myself regularly sneaking bites.  It’s that good…turning a foodie mom into a Pop Toast stealing fiend.  Heaven help us all.

Pop Toast

  • 1 slice white bread
  • 1/2 tablespoon butter
  • 1 package pop rocks, any flavor

Toast the bread in a toaster.  Spread with butter.  Sprinkle pop rocks.  Bang.