Pork and Roasted Green Chile Stew


Fall here in Colorado means green chile season is here! Whether it’s Hatch chiles from neighboring New Mexico or our own Big Jim variety from Pueblo, this region has some of the best chiles in the country. One of my favorite recipes to make during the colder months is green chile. I make many varieties but the family favorite is a hearty pork green chile that I make in the slow cooker. It uses lots of freshly roasted Big Jim chiles and chunks of tender pork.

The beauty of this recipe is in the simplicity of its ingredients. You don’t need dried seasonings because the chiles, pork and vegetables are loaded with lots of flavor. I like to use Masa Flour as a thickening agent instead of flour. Plus it adds a great corn flavor.

To get the entire recipe including some additional step-by-step photos, please visit my original blog posting HERE.