Postgiving Turkey Sloppy Joes (Perfect Post-Shopping Lunch!)


turkey sloppy joeBeen shopping all morning? This lunch is just what you need! Unlike the sloppy joe you’re used to, this NJ style sloppy joe is a fortifying combination of rye bread piled high with sliced roast turkey, swiss cheese, coleslaw and russian dressing (the recipe includes your own homemade, which comes together in a snap).

Be warned: you’ll be tired after putting this down. But you’ve probably been up since, what, 6 am? Earlier?! It’s a holiday weekend and you’re shopping is done (for now), so why not knock yourself out! Chow on this delicious sammy, kick your feet up and read a book. Or maybe even a trashy magazine. It’s that kind of sandwich. I mean, this is NJ style, after all!

New Jersey Style Sloppy Joes

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