Potato Salad for Your Easter or Earth Day Picnic


Whether you’re looking to celebrate Earth Day with a Picnic for the Planet or make a springy side dish for your Easter meal on Sunday, potato salad is a perfect option. My favorite potato salad recipes are interesting and a flavorful and jump out off the plate, nearly making you forget about the chunk of meat they’re accompanying.

My mother-in-law hates eggs in her potato salad, and she has gone for years teaching her children that potato salad and hard boiled eggs should not coexist. This hasn’t deterred me from bringing a loaded baked potato salad to nearly every family gathering for a picnic in the park.

Still, sometimes I do have pity on her and I make my other favorite potato salad, a dilled variety that featured plenty of potatoes, red onions and celery enveloped in creamy sour cream and mayonnaise with fresh dill and lemon. Click through to get the recipe for dilled potato salad.

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