Potato Skins Recipe, Buffalo Chicken Dip and 7 Layer Dip


Do you need the perfect potato skins recipe for your Super Bowl party today? How about a 7 layer dip or a buffalo chicken dip? I have a delicious potato skins recipe you can find here. It’s a delicious and easy recipe that people of any skill level can do. If a spicy appetizer is more your speed, I have the perfect buffalo chicken dip here. It’s loaded with blue cheese, chicken and spicy hot sauce. It’s quick, easy and your friends and family will go crazy over it. For the ultimate 7 layer dip, we have you covered too. This recipe actually has a few more than 7 layers, but it won’t disappoint. This is the star of my Super Bowl party. Everyone gathers around the big bowl of dip, and it’s finished off within a few minutes. Be sure to have lots of nachos and napkins handy, you’ll need them!

7 layer dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip