Preserve Kitchen


Last year I attended a luncheon hosted by Stonyfield CEO Gary Hirshberg and when we left, we were given a bag with some products inside and one of them was a bowl with a tag that said ‘Preserve Kitchen’.

The tag indicated that the bowls were recycled…..

Preserve® makes stylish, high performance, eco-friendly products made from recycled plastics including Stonyfield yogurt containers . In fact these are my children’s favorite bowls (I had to buy a second) and they still request them the mornings they have cereal for breakfast.

The companies core principles are:

  • Preserve products are made from 100% recycled plastics and 100% post-consumer paper. By using recycled materials, we save energy, preserve natural resources and create an incentive for communities to recycle.
  • All of our plastic products are recyclable, either through our postage-paid labels and mailers (toothbrushes and razor handles) or at the curb in communities that recycle #5 plastic.
  • We make our products in the USA, so that we can ship them shorter distances, using less fuel and limiting our environmental footprint.
  • We don’t test on animals. Period.
  • Preserve products are made to last—and to look good doing it.

They also have a ‘gimme 5′ program is a way for you to recycle #5 plastics which most communities do not collect for recycling. You can find out more on their website and even ‘like’ them on Facebook.

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