Preserved Lime Bars: Weird, Wonderful, and Delicious


preserved lime bars // brooklyn supper
Preserved limes are an intense experience, one that is simultaneously sweet, tart, and salty. If you’ve never had them before, believe me, your first taste will leave you a little confused and immediately wanting more. We like to make a batch and use them to flavor all sorts of dishes from salads to main courses. But where they really sing is at dessert. That’s what makes these preserved lime bars such a treat. They really let the preserved limes be the star.

If you’re planning to make preserved lime bars, you’ll first need to make preserved limes. You can follow our recipe here. Just bear in mind that you’ll need to cure them for at least ten days, so you’ll have to plan well in advance for these. Intrigued?

Head over to Brooklyn Supper for the recipe.