Pump up the Purim! 10 Recipes for Your Se'udah


The Jewish holiday Purim celebrates Queen Esther’s denunciation of the evil Haman, thereby saving the Jews of Persia from destruction. There are many food traditions associated with this particularly festive spring feast known as Se’udah Purim. Because Esther ate only grains, seeds and legumes to keep kosher while living with King Ahasuerus, legumes and poppy seeds are traditional foods. Triangle-shaped foods are popular, as they recall either the hat or ear of Haman. And drink is also an important part of the holiday; (age-appropriate) celebrants are urged to, well, get a little tipsy.

However your family chooses to celebrate their Se’udah, we’ve got an array of traditional and family-friendly recipes for your feast. Chag Semeach Purim (Happy Purim)!

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