A Healthy Snack: Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix


Half of the fun of carving pumpkins is the getting to roast the pumpkin seeds later in the day.  After roasting your pumpkin seeds, you can go ahead and eat them or you can continue to experiment and find new ways to enjoy them.

Regardless of the seasonings you used when roasting them, they would be a great addition to this on-the-go snack

A Pumpkin Seed Trail Mix is perfect for taking on the road and it is good for you.  Feel free to combine it with your favorites fruits and nuts but the mix pictured above is made by combining Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Granola and Cranberries.

Experiment with the combination you like best and remember that you should be able to find pumpkin seeds both in their shells and shelled year round in your local grocery store.

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