Quick Pickled Grapes: An Unexpected & Tasty Finger Food


A Simple Recipe for Quick-Pickled Grapes
Quick, or refrigerator, pickles have long been one of my favorite party recipes; they’re simple to make, and add a pop of color and unexpected flavor to the table. So when I ran across Molly Wizenberg’s recipe for quick-pickled grapes, I knew I had to try them. I was  so intrigued by their flavor vinegar-infused grapes with a hint of sweetness and spice? Yes please. 

And the wonderful thing about quick pickles of all varieties is they are endlessly adaptable. Try adding your own favorite spices, upping the heat, or experimenting with unique vinegars. I like to keep my quick-pickled grapes mildly flavored so as to let the subtle sweetness of the grapes themselves come through. You’ll have fun playing around with the recipe, and your guests will definitely enjoy this unique finger food.

Head over to Brooklyn Supper for the recipe.

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