Quick Spaghetti and Clams


I once read an interview with Tom Colicchio about getting kids to eat good food and I’ll never forget what his response was when the interviewer asked what his fall-back meal plan was for his family. The operative word being “fall-back” here:

“You take some clams and some shallots and garlic, chop it up, put some wine in it, olive oil. Let the clams steam open, add chopped up tomatoes, peppers, and mustard greens and toss with pasta. That is going to take me 20 minutes. It’s a great simple pasta dish. It is that easy. Anybody can do it if they want to do it. It just takes practice.”

I remember thinking Man, that’s his fall-back plan? Then what is a meal that has actually been thought through and planned? But a year later, I have to say, when we think to pick up some Little Necks from our awesome fish guy at the market, this is our g0-to dish. And he’s actually right. It’s that easy and it takes 20 minutes using just that informal recipe above.

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