April Showers Bring ... Rainbow Recipes!

  • Rainbow Cake in a Jar 1 of 25
    Rainbow Cake in a Jar
    We'’ve trapped some sunshine in a jar with this rainbow cake recipe, which you can whip up on the grayest of rainy days. Make rainbow cake in a jar »
  • Playdough Cookies 2 of 25
    Playdough Cookies
    Any kid will know just what these sugar cookies are supposed to look like. So go ahead and encourage your little one to put this,— and only this,— “playdough” in his mouth. Make playdough cookies »
  • Color Block Smoothie 3 of 25
    Color Block Smoothie
    Feelin' blah? Cheer up with this colorful smoothie made up of nutrient-packed fruits and veggies! Make a color block smoothie »
  • Banana Split Pancake Stackers 4 of 25
    Banana Split Pancake Stackers
    Flapjacks get a sweet spring makeover with some banana split ingredients. Don'’t be surprised if your kids come up with a few other ideas for breakfast sundaes. Make banana split pancake stackers »
  • All-Natural Rainbow Cake in a Jar 5 of 25
    All-Natural Rainbow Cake in a Jar
    Here'’s a twist on the rainbow cake everyone already loves; the colors in this recipe come from fruits and veggies instead of food coloring. Your kids will be healthier, but none the wiser. Make all-natural rainbow cake in a jar »
  • Natural Rainbow Layer Cake 6 of 25
    Natural Rainbow Layer Cake
    …But if you'’re in the mood for something bigger, why not go for a full-size cake? Cut a slice, and surprise! Rainbow stripes, also colored with fruits and vegetables, will wow your little ones. Make a natural rainbow layer cake »
  • Rainbow Frosted Cupcakes 7 of 25
    Unfortunately, you can'’t make the rain go away. But you can bring a rainbow inside with these super-cool cupcakes. Make rainbow frosted cupcakes »
  • Layered Fruit and Yogurt Salad 8 of 25
    Layered Fruit and Yogurt Salad
    Not warm enough outside to drink fruity drinks on the patio? Here’'s the next best thing —— and healthier, to boot! Make layered fruit and yogurt salad »
  • Jelly Bean Bark 9 of 25
    Jelly Bean Bark
    You’'ll be barking up the right tree with this melt-in-your-mouth combination of white chocolate and jelly beans. Make jelly bean bark »
  • Worms and Dirt in a Jar 10 of 25
    Worms and Dirt in a Jar
    Just because it’'s too rainy to go outside doesn'’t mean your kids can’'t play in the dirt. And everyone digs an easy chocolate treat! Make worms and dirt in a jar »
  • Funfetti Banana Bread 11 of 25
    Funfetti Banana Bread
    Like flowers growing from the dirt, bright pops of Funfetti cake add a sweet kick to classic banana bread. Make Funfetti banana bread »
  • Fruity Rainbow Wraps 12 of 25
    Fruity Rainbow Wraps
    Kids really can “taste the rainbow” with these wraps, which forsake colorful, processed candies for healthy — and just as colorful — fruit. Make fruity rainbow wraps »
  • Lemon Chiffon Cake 13 of 25
    Lemon Chiffon Cake
    Light and bright yellow, just like the sun, this lemon chiffon cake will lift up everyone'’s spirits. Make lemon chiffon cake »
  • Peeps Sunflower Cake 14 of 25
    Peeps Sunflower Cake
    You can just tell your kids that a little rain (and some trusty Peeps) helped you grow this sunflower cake in your kitchen. Make a Peeps sunflower cake »
  • Grapefruit Alaska 15 of 25
    Grapefruit Alaska
    The old-school baked Alaska is given a sunny twist with bright and tangy grapefruit, a.k.a. “the new lemon.” Make a grapefruit Alaska »
  • Hot Tub Teddy Bears 16 of 25
    Hot Tub Teddy Bears
    Sure, these teddy bears could be chillin'’ in a hot tub — or they could be cruisin'’ in a mudslide caused by an epic April rainstorm. Make hot tub teddy bears »
  • Daisy Spring Cupcakes 17 of 25
    Daisy Spring Cupcakes
    Fight rainy day cabin fever by making these blooming daisy cupcakes with the kids. They can make the daisy centers as colorful as they want! Make daisy spring cupcakes »
  • Stained-Glass Jello 18 of 25
    Stained-Glass Jello
    While the reflective, glassy surface of this jiggly treat reminds us of rain puddles, its pretty colors remind us of rainbows. Make stained-glass Jello »
  • Rainbow Cupcakes 19 of 25
    Rainbow Cupcakes
    Who knows? Maybe making these lucky rainbow cupcakes will actually bring about a real-life rainbow … Make rainbow cupcakes »
  • Raspberry Lime Cloud Cupcakes 20 of 25
    Raspberry Lime Cloud Cupcakes
    These's nothing dark about these cloud cupcakes; they'’re filled with a tangy, lime and raspberry curd that’'ll perk up the kids. Make raspberry lime cloud cupcakes »
  • Flower Cookies on a Stick 21 of 25
    Flower Cookies on a Stick
    One good thing that results from the rain? Flowers! Or flower cookies on a stick. Make flower cookies on a stick »
  • Pot of Gold Rainbow Cupcakes 22 of 25
    Pot of Gold Rainbow Cupcakes
    These cupcakes are an easy way to turn your kids'’ frowns upside down when you're stuck indoors. Have them help you sprinkle the rainbows on top of them! Make pot o'’ gold rainbow cupcakes »
  • Rainbow Jellies 23 of 25
    Rainbow Jellies
    How beautiful is this edible rainbow? Trust us, it’'s surprisingly easy to make, —and jiggly things make everyone smile. Make rainbow jellies »
  • Spring in Your Kitchen Cupcakes 24 of 25
    Spring in Your Kitchen Cupcakes
    Let those rain showers bring flowers in your kitchen! Make spring flower cupcakes »
  • Pinkalicious Cake in a Jar 25 of 25
    Pinkalicious Cake in a Jar
    Think pink with this positively girly strawberry dessert that’'s sure to cheer up any damsel in gloomy distress. Make pinkalicious cake in a jar »
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