Real Food Fast for Back to School: Breakfast Pizza Burrito


The most hectic part of the back to school routine is the morning. Sometimes no matter how well you plan, there is some sort of chaos in the morning that makes eating a good breakfast and being organized a real challenge.

Today I am offering a breakfast that the kids can eat on the way to school if necessary, the Pizza Burrito…

 This recipe only take a few minutes to make and with it being a ‘pizza burrito’, you should not get any complaints:

Ingredients per burrito:
A quality tortilla wrap of choice
1 large scrambled egg
1.5 Tablespoons marinara sauce
2 Tablespoons reduced fat cheddar, shredded

Heat the marinara sauce in the microwave for just a few seconds while you are cooking the scrambled egg. Spread the marinara evenly over wrap, leaving the outer 1 inch empty.  Top with scrambled egg and shredded cheese. Wrap into a burrito shape by folding in the sides and then rolling the remainder of the wrap. Cut in half and consume. If you do not have a child that will look or mind, place some baby spinach in there as well.

If you are taking this on-the-go, wrap the burrito in wax paper prior to cutting it. You can then peel the paper back as you need and catch the drips.