Red White & Blue Parfaits for Breakfast



The other day my daughter was getting kind of bored with breakfast. I could see the way she flipped her spoon in her regular oatmeal that she was in need of a change. Since she had loved all the desserts we had done in jars last month so I decided to try making breakfast in a jar. I sliced some fresh strawberries and pressed them against the outside of the jar for her to see. Then I filled the jar with her favorite vanilla yogurt and topped it with fresh blueberries. She loved the whole process of making it and really loved eating it. We even made a second one and put it in the fridge for a snack later that day. I can’t wait until we start getting fresh peaches in the market, we’ll have fun with those too!

Red White & Blue Parfaits

2 large, fresh strawberries

2 tablespoons vanilla yogurt

3 or 4 fresh blueberries

1. Slice the strawberries and press them against the sides of a half pint mason jar. Fill the center with vanilla yogurt and top it with the blueberries. Enjoy!