Red White & Blue Star Cookies


Star Cookies Finished

Of course, the minute I made my Giant Firework Cookies my daughter demanded star cookies to go with them. I happily indulged her whim with some of the leftover dough. We had fun decorating them. We colored our buttercream icing with food paste and cut up some fun red and blue candy sticks. Then my daughter insisted we sprinkle them with some of her sanding sugar. They were decorated to the hilt to say the least! Here they are, the fun star cookies to make with your kids.

  • Ice the Cooled Cookies 1 of 4
    Ice the Cooled Cookies
  • Add the Licorice 2 of 4
    Add the Licorice
  • Sprinkle on the Sanding Sugar 3 of 4
    Sprinkle on the Sanding Sugar
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    Happy Fourth of July!

Red White & Blue Star Cookies

1 batch shortbread dough

1 batch buttercream frosting

Food paste or food coloring

Red & Blue licorice

Blue sanding sugar

1. Cut the shortbread dough into star shapes and bake according to directions. Meanwhile, dye bowls of the frosting red and white and keep separate.

2. Ice the cookies once they are cooled. Cut the licorice into small pieces and arrange them around the edges of the cookie however you like. Sprinkle the tops with the blue sanding sugar and serve!