Refreshing Homemade Mint Water


Mint Water

Like most people, I occasionally grab a bottle of water at the store when I am out and about. Sometimes I get thirsty and have been so preoccupied making sure my daughter has her stuff, I forget mine! Last week I grabbed a bottle of mint water because it sounded so refreshing. I was really thirsty and I couldn’t wait for a big swig. But when I finally did taste it… I was sorely disappointed, it tasted so manufactured I couldn’t stand it. It made me realize that I already have a thriving mint plant at home and I ought to just be making mint water myself.

While my daughter was at school the other day I took advantage of the peace and quiet and gave it a try. I submerged lightly crushed mint leaves in clear filtered water and let it rest for a little while. After about ten minutes I took a sip and was beyond thrilled. It was clear and refreshing and the perfect uplifting drink to enjoy in mid-afternoon. In fact, I’ve begun making this at least once a day now because it is so calming. It clears my body and my mind with a completely all-natural flavor.

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