Resistant Starch Foods: Feel Satisfied and Lose Weight with the Carb Lovers Diet


resistant carb foods made easyDieters rejoice–resistant starch foods leave you feeling full and satisfied. We all know that one of the hardest parts of dieting is the feeling of deprivation, and those feelings can lead to breakdowns in a healthy eating regimen. Never fear! Resistant starch foods are less digestible to the human body, meaning they are harder for us to break down, so you can feel full while the calories pass quickly through your system without being absorbed.

But resistant starch sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Luckily, resistant starch foods are easy to find, and even easier to eat! You might even be surprised to find some of your favorite foods on the list.

One of the best sources of resistant carbs is beans and legumes. Looking for recipes? Check out these tasty options such as hoppin’ John or pinto bean dip.

Whole-grains such as pearl barley, long grain brown rice, and bulgar wheat are also on the list. For recipes ideas, try tabouleh, veggie-heavy fried rice, or this barley salad.

For a list of more resistant starch foods, click here.